Experience Norwich HypnoBirthing® and experience much more than just an ante-natal or pre-natal class. Founder Marie Mongan of – ‘HypnoBirthing®the Mongan method’ – describes it as “a unique method of relaxed, natural childbirth education, enhanced by self-hypnosis”.

HypnoBirthing® supports the natural instincts of your body in birth. Through teaching mums-to-be deep relaxation and breathing techniques we can help you relax into childbirth so you can maintain a feeling of calm and control. Fear and tension about childbirth leads to the release of Catecholamine, a stress hormone, which shuts off the supply of the natural pain killer Endorphin, this can mean stress, pain and failure to progress.

HypnoBirthing® helps control stress, promotes Endorphins and leads you toward a calm and relaxed birth, as nature intended. Our aim is that you enter birthing with a feeling of knowledge, control and empowerment – you can enjoy birthing your baby.

HypnoBirthing® is open to all pregnant mums and their birth partners. The best time to do a HypnoBirthing® course is post 26 weeks during your pregnancy.

Jackie at BeCalm HypnoBirthing®, based in Norwich, Norfolk, is trained, certified, affiliated by and with, the Official International HypnoBirthing® Institute. Many Hypnotherapists offer ’self hypnosis for birth’ sessions, but this course is the genuine internationally renowned HypnoBirthing® course. Jackie has been working in this field for 4 years and has over 150 HypnoBirthing® parents that have had beautiful, successful and better birth experiences, because of this course. She supports pre and post-natal mums by also offering Pregnancy Massage and Baby Yoga and Massage classes and is the Producer and Presenter of ‘How to Take The Labour Out Of Labour’ DVD.

Link to Jackie’s article in the East Anglian Daily Times